AcaĆ­ Bowl DIY a Healthier Snack

You might look at these delicious fruit bowls as a high sugar treat, but the acaĆ­ berry is low in sugar, high in healthy fat, and full of antioxidents. DIY yourself a healthier snack!


This wine infused dark chocolate, creamy goodness is worth getting to know. First time through this recipe can seem daunting, but the second and thrid times will be amazingly easy! Try it for ever season with the best of the season’s flavors, you will be thrilled with your results!

Chocolate Cheesecake (No Bake)

Rich Chocolate Cheesecake without the baking! The burst of fresh fruit matches the chocolate for a beautiful taste and look! So pretty, you’ll love this for your next gathering!

Peach Balsamic Chicken

If you are having guests over, this dish sounds like you have skills beyond the norm. In actuality, it is simple, quick, and tastes like summer on an Italian vineyard; absolutely bursting with ripe peach and tangy balsamic. Major bonus, if you are trying to eat clean, this is your meal!

Chicken & Peach Quesadilla

It is peach season!  These peaches need a little lime to help their flavor stand up to all that is going on in here.  If your peaches aren’t quite ripe yet, just add a bit of sugar, a teaspoon at a time. The less you cook the veggies the more flavor pop  they have!  Also…

Crepes with cream cheese and fresh fruit

We make these most years in class, but I tried these with my own teenagers over break, on our big snow day! My youngest has made these almost everyday since. Since I leave long before they get up most days, this is a recipe that works!  They are fast, protein filled, and perfectly filling. They…